Who, What and Why of Wyzoo?



Gain valuable and fun insights about your customers and prospects for smarter marketing decisions. Wyzoo your data.


An extremely smart, inquisitive and expert person (Wyzoo) who, together with machine learning, can tackle your most complex direct marketing data wrangling and insight extraction and then deliver measurable improvements for marketing related decisions.


Whowe help:

Direct marketers and service providers (agencies, data vendors) who serve mid size direct marketers. Our ideal engagement is with a client who has at least 500 customers or previous responders.


Whatwe do:

We make it easy for you. We provide marketing decision enhancement solutions for your people and we simplify the process for managing and optimizing those decisions. This means improved marketing performance and more profitable marketing results for you!



Problem we solve:

Every outcome starts with a decision. These decisions begin with your marketing and technology investments and continue down to the granular campaign audience segmentation and creative decisions you make. The problem is that often these decisions are made independently and without business rules in place to understand the ultimate impact on marketing performance outcomes and how to adjust for even greater performance outcomes.

Benefits of our service:

  1. Faster data integration and better data organization. This means better reporting and more timely analytic insight for you!
  2. Happier employees who are empowered to make smarter marketing/advertising investment and campaign decisions.
  3. Increased enterprise value for your organization.
  4. Efficiency improvements to increase speed of analytic and reporting outputs for decision making.
  5. Improved marketing performance and more profitable marketing results.