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Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence = Better Performing Marketing Intelligence

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Today’s marketing is all about connecting one-on-one with your customers.

After you collect your data, you need to properly store it, organize it, analyze it, and extract maximum value by reaching the right prospects at the right time with the right offer.

That’s why over 84% of businesses are employing smarter marketing technology to improve their decision making and increase their profits.

Learn how to use your response data to "train the brain" of Artificial Intelligence.

It's not enough to just install a Customer Data Platform such as Pimcore or use data wrangling tools such as Alteryx.

Unless you have deep expertise in house, you need a team of experts who can pinpoint the best marketing automation tools for your company, connect them with artificial intelligence and create streamlined, ongoing processes while you focus on your core business.


Enables You to Make more Profitable Marketing Decisions

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Right combination of artificial intelligence engines and marketing platforms for your company.

Wyzoo’s experts will choose the right combination of artificial intelligence engines and marketing platforms for your company. We use top ranked commercial tools where needed, but to keep costs down we often use free open source tools and platforms that don’t have any licensing fees.

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Artificial intelligence has only been available cost effectively for the majority of users since 2017.

Wyzoo is building its business on the concept that we can bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to businesses that previously could not afford the capabilities that companies like American Express, Amazon, Capital One and Walmart have been using for years.

Customer Profile

Our experts apply artificial intelligence and learning techniques to identify patterns in your customer data enriched by our extensive database of consumer attributes. Use our free tool on our home page to watch this “magic” enrichment process happen right now:

Free Customer Profile
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Combining Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

We use AI to identify who will buy and who will not buy, which past customers are ready to become active buyers again, predict what they will spend and more.

If you have never used AI before, most companies will experience revenue gains or cost savings in the range of 5-30%.
The best part is, it doesn’t cost you anything to find out how much you can gain or save.

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A survey across 18 countries, found that nine out of ten companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their customers’ journeys.

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Another survey shows that 64% of businesses are using AI to improve their customer bases, for product reviews and for campaigns. Clearly, this percentage will rapidly increase.

Marketers Are Vastly Underusing

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Now here’s an opportunity. Though marketers increasingly understand the importance of AI, they are only scratching the surface in implementing AI systems that drive revenue. Even though many companies have started to use AI, only 6% of brands use AI to their fullest advantage.

In other words, most companies are leaving money on the table. A lot of money. That means that companies that really know how to use AI for marketing have a distinct competitive edge.

Get the Solutions You Need

Our experts in artificial intelligence and database development provide the services you need to make the best decisions for your most pressing marketing issues such as:

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    Improving your response rates

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    Identifying best performing audience segments for who should receive which message

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    Integrating multiple data sources to develop a single view of your customers and prospects across digital and direct mail channels

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    Acquiring more customers at a lower cost

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    Increasing the return on investment of systems you have already installed, such as Alteryx or other data management tools, by layering on artificial intelligence capabilities

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    Increasing your reach to more qualified customers...grow your customer base

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    Increasing your effectiveness in communicating with your customers by identifying which message will resonate best with each customer

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    Saving money on existing campaigns by identifying non responders

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    Getting your campaign analytics and business intelligence reports faster

Take Advantage
of Our Expertise

If you want to learn more about leveraging artificial intelligence in your company, can’t quite get your tools and platforms to work effectively, want to increase your sales or just need an extra pair of hands to wrangle your marketing data, call us

Wyzoo is expert in big data analytics, artificial intelligence modeling and marketing technology. We would be happy to have a low-key meeting with you, discuss your issues and offer our recommendations.