Wyzoo Advisors and Solvers

Human Intelligence Assisted By Machine Learning

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Data / Marketing Analysts
  • Solution Advisors
  • Technologists
  • Database Programmers
  • Dashboard Reporting /BI Specialist (Insights)

We deploy expert level people to identify the opportunities, improve your organization’s data workflows, and streamline the processes built around data analytics, reporting and more.

How: Expert Wyzoo Advisors and Solvers

We make the complex easy for you!

Your marketing decisions to be made and your goals and objectives
Marketing and customer response data (first party)
Consumer data (third party)
Technology Investments
Data Investments
People investments

Our technology helps yours
Our people help yours
Our process helps with yours

Annual Customer acquired and Revenue Projection scenarios
Overall Revenue, Cost and Net scenarios
Ongoing decision optimization strategies
Improved marketing performance!