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Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineer

What is a Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineer?

Skills That Set Them Apart

Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers are experienced across a wide array of technologies, but specialize in managing database production environment clusters in cloud architectures including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, as well as data mart analytics platforms such as Dremio. They are also equipped to help you:

Know your customers, by using stored and managed master data records logging customer behavior, both online and off. They further organize behavior and attitudes, grouping similar customer characteristics together, helping you to individually hone in on your target audience more effectively.

Collect, aggregate and store customer data and user profiles from all of your marketing channels, even helping to merge potential duplicate listings, for a unified and customized approach.

Automate marketing touch points, helping you reach the right customers at the right time with the right offer to help you maximize your impact.

The Educational Foundation That Sets the Stage

Specialized Training


Unexpected data:

New events, new products, even new features can distort a data stream. That’s why they’ll define and extract relevant portions, helping to ensure relevant data isn’t lost, even if it doesn’t necessarily fit into defined structures.


Reuse data:

Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers apply previously learned information and algorithms when new queries become necessary by providing features that let users tap into libraries of previously built aggregations. This technique allows future users to understand how to apply the findings, saving them time and effort.


Integrated analytics and reporting:

Segmentation and predictive modeling are important if your company will be creating marketing audiences. Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers can help you manage reporting and data visualization, continuously monitor your reporting environment and provide timely solutions to new reporting requests.

Professionals are certified as skilled in using the most popular data preparation tools including:


Pimcore CDP

Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers use Pimcore to manage structured master data, digital assets and unstructured content. The CDP integrates data seamlessly, providing a series of tools to organize, manipulate and glean data to generate meaningful resolutions.



Data acquisition and management are at the heart of what Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers do. In order to prepare offline data and import it into Pimcore, they need to have a sound background in Alteryx or a similar tool.



Being able to automate some of the more tedious processes are key for Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers, and KNIME is a great tool that assists in predictive analytics.

Its primary function is to integrate various components for machine learning and data mining through a modular data pipelining concept; while the graphical user interface allows for an easier assembly of nodes for data preprocessing, modeling and data analysis and visualization.



Python and Java are all languages that can serve a Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineer well. Using for transforming, discovering and modeling data can also help modify it to a more consumable format.

Python is more popular than R, although both of these open-source languages are equally viable. In addition, SAS remains in use and continues to see strong support overall within the various Data Management fields.



SQL (structured query language) is the foundation of complex queries because most big data systems use it, along with additional proprietary extensions for more customized use.

Even so, the standard SQL commands such as "Select," "Insert," "Update," "Delete," "Create" and "Drop" can still be used to accomplish most tasks – a universal language to master.



Big data calls for big scaling capabilities. Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers should be familiar with NoSQL such as MongoDB or HBase. These systems work quickly with large volumes of data and can scale accordingly for a more customized approach.


Artificial Intelligence

Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers may be knowledgeable about advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Those working in this area should understand how decision trees and logistic regression are used to solve problems and make statistical predictions, which allow businesses to make better decisions.

Machine learning and tools, and the types of algorithms that Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers understand may include Decision Forests, k-NN, SVM, Weka and naïve Bayes among others.


Data Visualization

Tableau, ggplot and other software languages allow Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers to work with huge amounts of data. Some of it may even seem useless until they can combine and use that information to reveal specific trends.


Comfortable with Data that Cannot Be Pigeon-Holed

Customer reviews, blog posts, images, videos and other unstructured data doesn’t fit neatly into tables, so Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers need to be skilled in ways to store and consume it.

Since Pimcore is also a full Product Information Management system and an engine for ECommerce websites, it offers the capabilities to manage all forms of digital assets.


Big Data Computation Networks

Apache Hadoop, Hive and Pig are not essential, but can certainly help round out Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers understanding of how to gather and select the right data for the query at hand.

The bigger the data, the slower the process, so speed is key. Dremio is also popular because it’s faster than Hadoop – a boon when running extremely complex algorithms. Familiarity with cloud-based tools can also be a great assistance. Amazon S3 is one of the more popular ones.

Typical Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineer Compensation

Thinking about hiring your own Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineer for your team? Take a look at what the experts have to say:

What to Expect from a Wyzoo Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineer

Wyzoo Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers configure the right platform to drive the most accurate digital personalization experiences and analytics, helping you reach the right people at the right time. They do this by:

  • Managing and processing customer records for every aspect of direct marketing.
  • Integrating customer data by consolidating and managing information from all sources.
  • Automating the appropriate marketing touch points that help maximize your impact.

Wyzoo’s Pimcore Customer Data Platform Engineers help you make the most of your information, providing streamlined results that can carry over into other aspects of your business.