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Alteryx Designer Certified Professional

What is an Alteryx Designer Certified Professional?

Skills That Set Them Apart

But Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals are more than data workflow pros. They’re Alteryx data mining experts, too.
They’re equipped to handle:


Data acquisition
and enrichment


Predictive modeling,
geospatial or application development tools


Data normalization
and aggregation

Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals also:

Enlist various techniques to help you visualize the data in motion.

Create interactive visuals with customized templates and colors to show you your information in meaningful ways.

Drill down to the heart of your data, focusing in on what’s your most important takeaway.

The Educational Foundation That Sets the Stage

Specialized Training

Alteryx Training Levels

There are three distinct levels of training for Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals, and it’s coursework that demands a high level of competency. Less than 20% who take the Core Certification test pass their exam on the first try.

In order to retain their certifications, our Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals remain up-to-date on training and testing, providing the highest level of technology acumen available for your business needs.

Core Certification:

Professionals are certified as skilled in using the most popular Alteryx tools including:

Basic workflow building concepts: Input Data, Browse, Select, Filter, Formula, Join, Summarize, Union, Output Data, Sort and Tool Container

Interface elements: Comment, Unique, Text Input, Cross Tab, Data Cleansing, Transpose, Append Fields and Text to Columns

Advanced Certification:

When Alteryx Core Certified users are proficient in the basics, they’re ready to step up into the more complicated aspects of Alteryx data handling, including:

Reporting tool palette (e.g., Report Map, Overlay, Map Legend Builder, Map Legend Splitter, Layout, Table, Charting, Report Text)

Interface (e.g., Control Parameter, Action Tool, List Box, Tree Tool, Check Box)

Developer (e.g., Dynamic Input, Field Info, Dynamic Rename)

Alteryx Analytics Gallery

Spatial (e.g., Create Points, Distance, Find Nearest, Poly-Build, Poly-Split, Spatial Info, Spatial Match, Spatial Process, Trade Area)

Preparation, Transform, Documentation and Data In/Out

Parsing (e.g., RegEx, DateTime)

Expert Certification

is for those who have already demonstrated mastery over all facets of Alteryx, including:

Predictive analytics

Utilizing macros within multiple applications

In-database linking

Web scraping



Python, Java, Perl and C/C++ are all languages that can serve Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals well. Using R to analyze data creates a series of steps, including programming, transforming, discovering and modeling, which can communicate the results in ways that are more preferable and useful to the query set.

Python is more popular than R, although both of these open-source languages are equally viable. In addition, SAS remains in use and continues to see strong support overall within the various Data Management fields.



SQL (structured query language) is the foundation of complex queries because most big data systems use it, along with additional proprietary extensions for more customized use.

Even so, the standard SQL commands such as "Select," "Insert," "Update," "Delete," "Create" and "Drop" can still be used to accomplish most tasks – a universal language to master.



Big data calls for big scaling capabilities, and so Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals should be familiar with NoSQL such as MongoDB or HBase.

These systems work quickly with large volumes of data and can scale accordingly for a more customized approach.


Data Visualization

Tableau, ggplot and other software languages allow Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals to work with huge amounts of data. Some of it may even seem useless until they can combine and use that information to reveal specific trends.

Together, Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals and your company’s business executives can work to better understand what the data shows, allowing your company to leverage it when making future business decisions.


Comfortable with Data that Cannot Be Pigeon-Holed

Customer reviews, blog posts and other unstructured data doesn’t fit neatly into tables, so Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals find new ways to interpret it.

This kind of information can add even more details to existing data, honing your decision-making process.

Typical Data Engineers Compensation

How much does a Data Wrangler earn for their expertise? As expected, much of it depends on their specialty, credentials, experience and certifications. Be sure to read more about salaries, training and skillsets:

What to Expect from a Wyzoo Alteryx Designer Certified Professional

Wyzoo Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals streamline the process of prepping, blending, and analyzing data by leveraging Alteryx, an intuitive software program that allows them to deliver a workflow that leads to deeper insights in hours, not weeks. Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals empower their team and yours by combining data preparation, data blending, and analytics – predictive, statistical, and spatial — using the same intuitive user interface.

They’ll help your business by:

Wyzoo’s Alteryx Designer Certified Professionals help you understand your business’ benchmarks and recognize opportunities, keeping you ahead of the trends and on the right track to where you want to be in the future.